Get paid for mails

You are able to set up any price for incoming email in one of four currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro and US Dollar.

No spam

Be sure, that you won’t receive unwanted emails – or at least you gonna be paid each time someone sends you a GDPR update.

Easy to use

You can use via the web interface or through your email client, like Thunderbird or MacOS mail.


We’ve used only well tested components and tools for ethletter development. Don’t worry about your personal data and messages.

Free & no limits

We don’t have any limits for incoming & sent emails. Just use as usual email service.

Open source contract

Feel free to compare our smart-contract source with the smart-contract on the blockchain. Links to the Github and contract’s address located here.

Sign up

Creating mail address

Sending an email

Setup mail agent (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc)